01. Total Package Price US $ 1490  (for 2 Persons Only) - Budget Package 

1st Day - (PINNAWALA)

first of all we carry you from your Airport,  of your Journey we take you to the Historic Kandy city. en Route you have the chance to watch the elephant Orphanage in pinnawala. after watching watch the elephant Orphanage in pinnawala depart for DALADA MALIGAVA (TEMPLE TOOTH) at Kandy. you can spend the Night at the Hotel Kandy.

2nd  Day – (KANDY)

 you will get your breakfast at hotel and after it. we are going to peradeniya Royal Botanical garden..depart for after watching you going to Gems and Jewellery Museum To see some splendid and precious stones there. after that you are going to wood handcraft showroom and factory to see how local hand made artifacts are Manufactured there. you are also going to fabrics show room there as well to see how local fabric and textiles are being made.

we take you to the Elevated place there to see the whole kandy city panoramic view. then after you are going to peradeniya Royal Botanical garden.. after that you have the chance to see Dambulu Golden Temple and its Cave complex as well. then after, and  you spend your Night at 3the Hotel in Sigiriya

3rd Day  (SIGIRIYA)

In 3rd Day you can see the world heritage site and very renown sigiriya. then after, you are  heading towards the Ayurvedic Herbal village and there you can see Autochthonous herbal plants Medicine instruments and how to perform it in natural way. and also, you will get the chance to Have a Ayurvedic therapy on your head.

there you have the chance to walk at the Tea Estate. we take you to the  biggest Tea Factory at Nuwara Eliya to experience how the tea being Made and you Have the chance to taste a cup of tea there as well. afer that we take you to the Nuwara Eliya famous Horse  Race course to see and  you spend your Night at the Hotel in nuwara Eliya.


after spending night at Nuwara Eliya Hotel, we take you to see the Seetha Amman Temple (Hindu) then after at 08.54 am you are at the railway station in from Nuwara Eliya (nanu oya) to Badulla Journey and it will take three and half an hours to go there to Badulla this Railway Journey is Amazing with some Attractive scenic views around along the railway road.

we take you to the Ella from Badulla.  Famous “nine arch railway Bridge” as well. after watching the scenic Beauties of the Ella, we are Heading towards the yala National wild life park. you spend the Night at Yala.


after spending the night there, we are heading towards the yala park at early morning . after you are watching the wild life there, we are going towards the Mirissa coastal village.

sea you can also see stilt fisherman’s activities there and you also get the chance to catch fish there.

 after that we see world heritage famous Galle fort and you will get chance to see yourself how to weave silk fabrics and clothes from silk-worm with full details in English. and after tsunami Monument, Tsunami Museum and the Japan Buddhist statue as well. after that we take you to see Moonstone Gems Factory at. “Meetiyagoda” to see some very Rare Moon stones there at the Moonstone Mine as well.


at the 6th day we take you to the village called Ahungalla as a village tour. at this to tour you will see cinnamon oil mills, Beautiful paddy fields, Beautiful cinnamon Gardens as well. and also, we take you to the cinnamon processing place to see how cinnamon being made. after that, you are going to river safari at MADU RIVER for two (02)  hours.  at this voyage you can see a Temple in an island there at the river and some local Animals , Birds as well. after this river safari, we take you to the sea Turtle Hatchery to see some Turtles and how they being preserved.

After take you to the benthota town and you can walk at benthota beach leisurely . this beach is fantastic and famous among Tourists. you can have lots of fun there because there are lots of water sports Activities being played. we take you to the Hotel you stay in for take some Rest.


At the Last day of your Travel we take you to the Airport. In case, your flight scheduled at evening or at Night, we take you to the Colombo Independence Square, Gangaramaya Temple , old Parliament Building at Colombo, and Galle face ground to see as well.

Please come join with us for 07 Days special tour package at unbelievable prices exclusively for you and we take you to the following places in Sri Lanka 
  1. Elephant Orphanage in pinnawala - you take ticket
  2. Sigiriya Rock - you take ticket
  3. Dabulla Golden temple        - free
  4. Ayurvedic Herbal village     - free
  5. DALADA MALIGAVA (TEMPLE TOOTH) -  you take ticket 
  6. Gems and Jewelry Museum- - free
  7. Wood handcraft showroom and factory- - free
  8. Fabrics show room-  - free
  9. Kandy city- - free
  10. peradeniya Royal Botanical garden.  you take ticket  
  11. Kandy city lake view point-  - free
  12.  Walk at the Tea Estate.- - free
  13. Biggest Tea Factory at Nuwara Eliya-  - free
  14. Nuwara Eliya famous Horse  Race course-  - free
  15. Seetha Amman Temple (Hindu)-  - free
  16. Water falls-  - free
  17. Travel by train from Nanu oya to Badulla-  - free
  18. Nine arch railway Bridge-  - free
  19. Yala safari - you take ticket 
  20. See stilt fisherman’s activities-  - free
  21. World heritage famous Galle fort watching-  - free
  22. Silk-worm fabric factory- - free
  23. See tsunami Monument- - free
  24. Tsunami Museum-  - free
  25. Japan Buddhist statue- - free
  26. Moonstone Gems Factory-  - free
  27. Ahungalla as a village tour-  - free
  28. Cinnamon oil mills- - free
  29. Beautiful paddy fields-  - free
  30. Beautiful cinnamon Gardens-  - free
  31. Cinnamon processing place-  - free
  32. River safari at MADU RIVER  -  you take ticket  
  33. Turtle Hatchery to see - you take ticket 
  34. Benthota beach- - free
  35. water sport  - you take ticket 
  36. Colombo Independence Square-  - free
  37. Gangaramaya Temple -  - free
  38. Old Parliament Building-  - free
  39. Galle face ground-  - free
We offer to you at this package-
1.       Luxury car with all amenities.
2.    Staying at convenient boutique Hotel with all facilities available with all your meals.
3.    Entry tickets for some places we paying
4.    On route at the vehicle, we giving you fruits to eat and water to drink during your travel
5.    Very friendly driver with amenable travel guides at your service all the time.
6.    At the end of your travel with us give you a photo Album as a souvenir with 50 photos in it.
7.    we give you a coordinating mobile phone for keep in touch with our office & the driver (you must refund the phone at the End of your travel)
8.    we are giving you the access to free Wi-Fi at the vehicle and at the Hotel

We mentioned here the prices for two persons. If travel only one person or more than two peoples, the prices will be changed accordingly.
Please inquire from us to get more information regarding this via an e-mail..
(After landing the air port in sri lanka, you must pay us for your tour and obtain receipt from us)

What you must need to pay for-
1.       Air Ticket charges arrival and Departure.
2.       Visa and Insurance Charges only
3.       Entry tickets for some places you pay (mark red clour)

1.first click the " Book Now" button., then open your email and  write your name, country, whats-app or viber number and mention how many peoples are participating)
2. In Case of more than two people the price will be change accordingly and i will send the confirmation email to you

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